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On this page you see the list of old good About magic TV shows and the latest ones. Top of the series is daily updated. Use our convenient filter by release date, IMDB rating and country to find great shows About magic.
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Shainingu tiâzu kurosu windo TV series cast and synopsis.
Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands TV series cast and synopsis.
The Seventh Scroll TV series cast and synopsis.
Tsvetok paporotnika TV series cast and synopsis.
Every Witch Way TV series cast and synopsis.
Wizards of Waverly Place TV series cast and synopsis.
Mako Mermaids TV series cast and synopsis.
Bitva ekstrasensov (serial 2007 - ...) TV series cast and synopsis.
H2O: Just Add Water TV series cast and synopsis.
Legenda o Kaschee ili V poiskah tridesyatogo tsarstva TV series cast and synopsis.
Atlantis TV series cast and synopsis.
Salem TV series cast and synopsis.
Salem (2014)
Year: 2014
Country: United States

Poor young man named (Salem) works as a peddler, take responsibility for his sister after their parents' death, as a result of the so-called people close to him and his neighbors title (Salem Abu sister). After the events of the January 25 revolution turns...

The Seventh Scroll
The Seventh Scroll
Release year: 1999 Genre: Action Drama Adventure Fantasy Category: 9 Director: Kevin Connor Cast: Wilfried Baasner Jeff Fahey Karina Lombard
Tsvetok paporotnika
Tsvetok paporotnika
Release year: 2015 Genre: Romance Category: 9 Director: Sergey Lyalin Cast: Sergei Mukhin Evgeniya Nokhrina Anastasiya Stejko
Mako Mermaids
Mako Mermaids
Release year: 2013 Genre: Comedy Adventure Fantasy Category: 9,53 Director: Iven Klarri Grant Braun Tom Hooper Cast: Chai Romruen Amy Ruffle Rowan Hills
H2O: Just Add Water
H2O: Just Add Water
Release year: 2006 Genre: Drama Family Fantasy Category: 9,53 Director: Colin Budds Jeffrey Walker Cast: Kariba Heyn Phoebe Tonkin Angus McLaren
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