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Best TV shows About martial arts.
List of the best TV series About martial arts

TV shows About martial arts

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On this page you see the list of old good About martial arts TV shows and the latest ones. Top of the series is daily updated. Use our convenient filter by release date, IMDB rating and country to find great shows About martial arts.
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Mortal Kombat: Conquest TV series cast and synopsis.
Russkiy tranzit (mini-serial) TV series cast and synopsis.
Sugarless TV series cast and synopsis.
Martial Law TV series cast and synopsis.
Kung Fu TV series cast and synopsis.
Kung Fu (1972)
Year: 1972
Country: United States

Korea, 1934. During the Japanese occupation, there is open warfare between rival martial arts schools. There is a fight in the marketplace, and three Chinese students can't stand the unfair way of students that side up with the invasors, when they gang...

Li Xiao Long chuan qi TV series cast and synopsis.
Li Xiao Long chuan qi (2008)
Year: 2008
Genre: Biography, Drama
Country: China
Director: Li Ven Ki

The story of the legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee following him from Hong Kong to America and back again, leading up to his tragic death at the age of 32.

Feng yun TV series cast and synopsis.
Warrior Baek Dong-soo TV series cast and synopsis.
Release year: 2012 Genre: Action Category: 37 Director: Kubota Takashi Masaki Nishino Go Ohara Cast: Ryohei Abe Shin'taro Akiyama Kôsei Amano
Martial Law
Martial Law
Release year: 1998 Genre: Action Comedy Crime Category: 15,37 Director: Oley Sassone Greg Beeman Whitney Ransick Cast: Sammo Hung Kelly Hu Arsenio Hall
Kung Fu
Kung Fu
Release year: 1972 Genre: Western Drama Adventure Category: 21,37 Director: Richard Lang Jerry Thorpe Mark Daniels Cast: David Carradine Keye Luke Radames Pera
Li Xiao Long chuan qi
Li Xiao Long chuan qi
Release year: 2008 Genre: Biography Drama Category: 6,37 Director: Li Ven Ki Cast: Kvok-Kuen Chan Michelle Misty Lang Ted E. Dyuran
Feng yun
Feng yun
Release year: 2002 Genre: Action Fantasy Category: 6,37 Director: Siu-Tung Ching Cast: Sonny Chiba Peter Ho Annie Wu
Warrior Baek Dong-soo
Warrior Baek Dong-soo
Release year: 2011 Genre: Drama History Category: 37 Director: Hong-seon Kim Myeong-woo Lee Cast: Ji Chang Wook Yoo Seung Ho Yoon So Yi
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